The gastronomical offering in this region is extremely broad and varied and offers different succulent delicacies created from the highest quality of fresh products. Throughout these lands, you can taste exquisite dishes, whether cooked in the most traditional of stoves, or prepared by the expert hands of the best cooks and restaurants that are recognised leaders in the sector.

The Roses cuisine is notable for its variety of typically Mediterranean products. The cuisine is traditionally made but select in choice of products, being based on fresh fish from Roses bay. Roses' gastronomic speciality par excellence is suquet de peix (fish and shellfish soup-stew), the essence of this fishing town.

Interesting Facts:

Gastronomical Days “The Kitchen of Roses at the Rythm of Carnival” "

Gastronomical Days “Suquet de Peix”

Gastronomical Days “The Kitchen of Rosas Flowers”

Tradition, top-quality products and touches of avant-garde cuisine: a combination with guaranteed success.

We’re talking about "La Cuina d’en Norat" restaurant, an experience for the palate that will leave nobody unmoved.


This is a place where you can find a combination of tradition and creativity within a relax and confortable ambiance. A special spot of Roses to enjoy, facing the Mediterranean sea, a light meal any time of the day, created by a selection of dishes based on seasonal and local products from the region, the Alt Empordà. 

A selection of tapas, salads, carpaccios, fresh fish from the bay of Roses, sandwiches and hamburgers