Preventive measures against CoVid


Apartaments Terraza Health Policy


At the Terraza Apartments in Roses we are working for a safe return to the new reality. That is why we have applied new measures to the usual cleaning, hygiene and safety protocols, both for clients and collaborators, following the indications of the ICTE and the Spanish Ministry of Health. We have also been training ourselves to be able to guide and help at all times, to enjoy a safe holiday in Roses and on the Costa Brava.

We also expect your collaboration in order to maintain a safe environment for everyone, and to provide the best experience for our apartments.


These are some of the concrete measures that we are carrying out in the Terrace Apartments, with the aim of guaranteeing a stay with the greatest possible guarantees of safety and hygiene:


  • A safety and hygiene committee has been created where the department managers ensure the compliance with health regulations.
  • All workers have been trained in preventive measures for CoVid-19
  • Terraza Apartaments provides all collaborators with the personal protective equipment necessary for them to carry out their work.
  • A daily control of temperature and possible symptoms is carried out for all workers as a preventive measure.
  • In all work areas there is a cleaning and disinfection area with hydro gel, hand soap and single-use paper towels for drying hands.
  • The unusual suppliers and collaborators must comply with our safety regulations for the delivery of goods.


Common Areas 

  • Possibility of an online check in to minimize contact between reception and the client.
  • Non contact electronic payment, if the client wishes. As well as the possibility to send the digital invoice.
  • The frequency of cleaning and disinfection of common areas has been increased in those buildings that are entirely owned. Paying special attention to access doors, handles, stair rails, elevators and other surfaces. For those apartments that are in a neighborhood community we recommend taking all precautions regarding the use of elevators and common areas.


Apartaments & Villas

  • We have our own laundry; therefore we can guarantee that all processes are carried out following the regulations. We wash the clothes at 60º using all the appropriate disinfectant products.
  • Fabrics such are rugs, plaids, pillows and decorative pillows and other decorative items have been reduced.
  • We incorporate antibacterial pillow covers that are changed after the departure of each client. The bedding and towels are removed without shaking them and are inserted directly into a closed bag. The ventilation of the apartments and villas between client and client is also guaranteed. Leaving a security time.
  • The bins that will be made available will be with cover, double bag and with a non-manual opening.
  • We pay special attention to cleaning the furniture, walls, hangers and other surfaces. As well as cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, including hair dryers.
  • We centralize all the stationery on a single-use paper.



Working for your safety